Change Which Files are Shared in a Homegroup in Windows 7

Sometimes you might be sharing too much or not enough with your Homegroup in Windows 7. Today we take a look at how to change what files you’re sharing.

The Homegroup feature in Windows 7 makes sharing music, video, and other files with other Windows 7 users in your household very easy. Sometimes you might want to limit the libraries or specific files users have access to.

Change Homegroup Sharing

First type homegroup into the search box in the Start menu.


This opens up the Change homegroup settings window where you just need to uncheck what libraries or printers that you don’t want shared.


What if you want to share a library but not certain files? Go into the library and choose the file(s) you don’t want shared, and in on the toolbar select Share with and Nobody.


You can also access the same options from the context menu.


Notice that there will be a lock icon associated with files you’re not sharing with everyone.


You can also use this to control what type of permissions a user has with different files. For instance you might want a user in the group to be able to read a document but not make any changes, so then you would make it Read only.


The Homegroup feature in Windows 7 makes sharing easy, and with these steps, you can better control who has access to what.

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